Problem white exporting to wav

Hi. I have this recent problen that popped up out of nowhere. I use the audacity to export small (less than 0.20 in leghnth )mp3 sound fx to wav. Everything was fine. Except that all of a sudden the program makes the wav file HUGE not in size but in leghth(it outputs from less than 0.20 to 5.0!!) all mute sound. The exported file plays the 0.20 of the actual FX and then it continues to play mute sound for five seconds.
Thanks in advance for any input. I really don’t know much about audacity I just want to fix that annoying prolem it’s driving me mad. The actual FX is less than a secnd but the exported file is always 5 seconds in lenghth.

The problem is that you’re changing the sample rate while exporting. This is a known (and irritating) bug. I work with 12KHz files pretty often at work and have stopped using Audacity at work except when I need to.

The workaround is to export the file to wav (not mp3) at the sample rate you want to end up with. Then import the new wav file and chop all the silence off at the end and finally export to mp3 (again, at the sample rate you want to end up with).

It’s another step and it’s really annoying, but it will work.

The reason to use wav files for the intermediate step is to avoid having to make the conversion to mp3 more than once. Your audio quality will benefit from this.