problem while recording a cassette tape

i was recording a cassette into my computer…it was 45 minates non stop into one file…while i was doing so audacity stopped recording it and i noticedthe play button pressed and i also noticed these little arrows going in either direction in the play button…i know 4 a fact i did not hit it inly the record button was this a confi
-fig issue?any suggestions?thanks…


<<<it was 45 minates non stop into one file>>>

It’s not a file until Audacity gets done capturing. Right now it’s a Project Capture. It could be hundreds of files.

It sounds like you’re filling up your hard drive. Windows? Start > Right Click My Computer > C: > Properties. Read how big the drive is and how full it is.


hay koz

yep one 45 minate file non stop…i think my hard drive is half full…but when i finish a project i always delete the files i used…didnt the last audacity have configs about this very thing?like to record a whole file like this?i thought it did.


let me be more clearer…im copying a cassette tape of a beatles recording session.there is sparatic silences thoughout the tape…is there an option for this in the latest audicity?