Problem while exporting the file

Hi Team,

I have an audio file which is approximately 9 hours long, 715 MB and has lot of disturbance. With audacity I have cleared the track however, while I am exporting the file, the corrected file is turning into 4.5 GB and only 17 minutes.

Please suggest if I am missing something while exporting.


What are the two filetypes? 9 hours is not 715MB unless the show is in one of the highly compressed sound formats or there’s something else magic about it. In Audacity, that’s going to balloon to a huge file because Audacity not only works internally uncompressed, but works in a super quality.

When you Export, Audacity doesn’t pay any attention to the original format. So the work is not going back out in the original compressed form unless you tell it to—and even then the sound damage may be unacceptable. If you picked WAV or one of the other uncompressed export formats, you will probably go over 2GB or 4GB and even more magic happens such as trashing most of the show and your 17 minutes is only the tiny part at the end that didn’t get damaged.

Audacity makes a terrible surveillance recorder. What’s the show?

You can probably export as MP3 and pick a reasonable quality such as 128 for a stereo show. I think that will export OK.