Problem when adding plug-ins

I 've recently installed Audacity 2.2.2 in a Windows 10 OS and I cannot add any plug-ins because as soon as I click Effects>Add / Remove Plug-Ins… Audacity shuts down. I tried reinstalling Audacity but the problem persists. I searched the forum, but I cannot find any solutions, however if another topic does exist on this issue please be kind as to redirect me there.
Thanks sincerely

There may be an incompatible effect that Audacity is trying to load.

Reinstalling Audacity is unlikely to help because Audacity’s settings files are not overwritten by reinstallation.
To reset Audacity, shut down Audacity,
then go to:


then locate and delete the three files:


Then restart Audacity.

When you then try to enable a plug-in, select the specific plug-in that you want enabled (don’t enable all plug-ins together as one or more of your plug-ins are probably responsible for the crash).