Problem to import 5.1 audio, Audacity 3.1.0

I am working with version 3.1.0 on Windows 7. My problem is that when importing a 5.1 audio the channels that it throws me are the same, they all have the same wave instead of giving me the other 5 channels. I already uninstalled and re-downloaded both the application and FFMPEG, but the problem persists, I even imported a MKV with a 5.1 audio and I still throw the 6 equal channels :neutral_face: .

Confirmed - I’m getting the same problem with AC3 & DTS files from a DVD.

This didn’t happen with an older version of Audacity but I’m not sure what version I was using last time I tried it.

FFMPEG imports currently are broken and only import the left channel. This already is fixed, we’ll release it along other improvements high priority bugfixes as 3.1.1 very soon (possibly next week)

Oh I see. Thank you very much for your answer.