Problem selecting section for Noise Removal profile

I am brand new to Audacity and I swear I feel like an idiot already :laughing: I am trying to perform Noise Removal. It says to select a section and I do that and then I go into Effect ==> Noise Removal, and suddenly the entire track is selected. The sliders move all by themselves, and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am on Windows 7 using Audacity 2.0.3 How can I get my selection to stay selected?


It should not be a slider. You should play your show until you get to a likely candidate of Noise with no voice, singing or other performance. That’s very important. Noise Removal will not work if you can’t do that. Then drag-select around that portion and magnify (Control-E).

Play it [Spacebar] and make sure there is nothing in that selection but Noise. Carefully drag-select Just Noise again. The magnification will let you see if you captured some valuable performance by accident.

Launch Noise Removal > Get Noise Profile (Your computer may need “OK.” Mine doesn’t.).

After that, zoom back out to the whole show (Control-F). You should drag-select some of the actual show and this time apply the filter. The tool will try to remove what you put in the Profile from the show. If you put a tiny computer fan whine in the profile, then the tool will try to remove tiny fan whine from the show.

You should out feel too bad about being left in the dust. The tool is a little magic and it rarely does what people want for a whole list of reasons. Write back.

Audacity will not do forensics. If the show is barely audible over the garbage (Noise) then you have no show – we can’t help you.

Audacity will not remove echoes at all.


Thanks for your time and instruction. I see now that it’s not the sliders, but the “I” that indicates selection for the noise profile. Appreciate your help!