problem saving audacity tracks

Hello. I am using the current version of audacity with windows 7. I finished a project and I then successfully exported it as an mp3. However, I wanted to save all the work I did on the audacity tracks. So, I clicked “save project as” then I typed in where I want to save it. I clicked ok but I continually get a message that says “could not save track perhaps L:/audacity music tracks/hold on baby audacity track is not writeable or disk is full”. Please note that hold on baby is just the name of the song I was working on. Then, after I get that message, when I look at the folder I created to see if anything was saved, all I save is something that says e00. I don’t know what that is. Please help. I really enjoy audacity. Thank you.

Will the work save to your desktop?


Thank you for your response. I just tried to “save project as” in my desktop, and I got the same message “could not save tracks”. then it says the drive my c drive on my desktop (I have room) is full or the disk (which I am not using) is full. It also says the audacity track might not be writeable. Even when I use the two external drives I own (which have plenty of space), the same message is displayed and I cannot save the audacity tracks. the only thing that gets saved is data and e00. I don’t know what either one means. Thank you.

Koz: just to let you know - I not only fail to save when I click “save project as” but I tried clicking on “save project” and that fails too. The same message keeps appearing. Thank you.

gets saved is data and e00.

Audacity will not Save a sound file. When you save a Project, you are going to get an AUP file and a _DATA folder with the same name.

This is a project.

e00 is one of the files or folders inside the _DATA folder. You are not supposed to be inside that folder. The goal is to open a project by double-clicking the AUP file and it will open Audacity and tell it what to do with the contents of the __DATA folder.

Are you absolutely sure your show name is plain text with no punctuation marks? You have many of the symptoms of someone trying to put a date inside a filename.

the current version of audacity

Which is what?
Did you get it from here?

Maybe three minute musical cut? How many tracks top to bottom? Did you use labels and comments?


As Koz said, make sure you have Audacity 2.1.2 from

If you export your song as WAV then you can import the WAV into a new project and try to save that.