problem - save project as

Hello i can not “save project as” (*.aup) because i see an error message ( hdd is full or not writable)
I dont know why because i can save an another project without problem. I starts this special project 3 times from zero but saving it without chance.

I stretch one audio track to agree with another. I use a filter change tempo. I use wav-s only.

Audacity 2,3,0 - windows 10 pro x64 1803 (17134,523)

It’s possible to get errors like that with bad filenames. Upper case, lower case, numbers, -dash- and underscore. No other characters in filenames.

Use the ISO dates. 2019-01-30. Do not use either slash mark /\ anywhere in a filename.


Ah ok, my problem solved, thanks :smiley:

What was the problem?
Was it a "" character in the file name? (that’s a very common tripwire on Windows).

@steve I apologize but I do not know. I then tested it several times but the error has not occurred. Nejprve jsem zkrátil jméno wav, but then they worked with long names as well. maybe a temporary error … :smiley:

Maybe the hard drive was full, then you deleted something and now there is room for saving?