problem recording

hi, i use a microphone CM 25 Scarlett and a Focusrite Solo ( 1 gen both of them ) . and audacity .

this setup up was used on an old Windows XP for almost 6 years ( with an old Audacity version ) and it was working very well ( I record only voice, no need for music )

and since i’ve built a new pc with windows 10
with a processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6Core
3.80 GHZ
and 16 Go of Ram memory

we cannot record ANYTHING on audacity, or wavosaur , or pro tools, there is a terrible after recording and listenning . it sound Glitchy, with electronique interferences, a bit like when someone speaks on the radio but you are not correctly tuned in .

although it s not the microphone because when i speak Live, the playback is completely good . and when i import an voice file on audacity, it works well too … there is something about the sound from the mic, through the sound card Focusriste , through the usb cable and inside the machine, something must go wrong at the last process .

i use now the lastest Audacity programm, with the upgraded drivers for the soundcard and the problem is still there, so i ve also tryed to instal the old version of audacity and the same drivers for ther sound card i use to have on the XP and it is exactly the same problem .


I assume you are getting [u]dropouts[/u]?

Something else is hogging your system. It doesn’t have to be using a lot of CPU time… Something just has to hog the system for a few milliseconds to long and you get buffer overflow and a glitch.

There are some troubleshooting hints [u]here[/u] or if you really want to dig-deep there is a [u]free online book[/u] about optimizing your computer for audio…

well the most weird thing, is that my engineer was controlling the computer remotely with a Team Viewer QUick help thingy, to try to fix it and…when he is controlling my computer, that odd thing happend… when he pressed Record on audacity ( remotely ) the voice was perfect, it s suppose to be , and when i cut the connection between our two computer ( turning off Team Viewer ) the sound is bad again, all the time when he is controlling remotely the computer , the sound is good …

we ve done a complete scan of the computer ( which i have this machine for 4 days now ) and nothing …

i have a 1 st gen Focusrite Solo, maybe it s too old so…;i’ve order the 3rd gen soundcard .

i will definetely look at all your links …


this is an example on how bad it sound and i don t think it has something to do with dropouts

There is a kind of “digital corruption” occurring.
Try updating the Focusrite drivers to the latest version for Windows 10.

i have the latest version for the Focusrite drivers and absolutely everything has been updated on my computer also .

and yet there is no explination why Team Viewer can affect the sound in ANY way .

When you were using Team Viewer, did Team Viewer have control of your sound system?

Have you granted permission for Audacity to use recording devices? (see:

well after receiving a brand new Focusrite 3rd Gen and a new microphone ( Aston Spirit )

the problem is simply …gone, we have no explanation , maybe the 1st gen is not that compatible with a brand new machine, but according to the people at focusrite ( we have a tight contact on the customer and technical help ) it should work, so it doesn’t make no sense …

everything works in fine and good order

about the Team Viewer thing, well it was the quick tool , not the whole app, so it should not have any control over the sound, although the I T guy who helped on solving that issue said that " MAYBE " his machine that his older, when it takes control of my computer, perhaps audacity or something else recognize the other machine and works just fine , but with the Team viewer Quick Help , it should NOT that is not logical .

well now the problem is solve, let’s hope it will keep working just fine.

but i guess more and more problems about 1st gen focusrite might appear on brand new computers

thanks you for helping me around though .

You’re welcome. Thanks for updating us.