Problem recording Microphone in Stereo


I was originally trying to record a game’s footage with FRAPS and include my microphone commentary with that, but FRAPS recorded either the in-game Sound or the Microphone, so i thought i could record my Microphone with Audacity while FRAPS is recording Game Footage and Ingame Sounds.
When i tried to test-record my Voice in Audacity, this resulted:

I don’t know how to have both Lines recorded properly.

I am certain this is not Microphone being bad and only having Mono Line, since my friends hear me on Skype and Teamspeak in Stereo, also when i tried to record with the Windows Soundrecorder, it did record my voice in Stereo. I would use the Windows Soundrecorder, but it doesn’t record me anything past 60 Seconds.

I am using Audigy 2 ZS Soundcard if that helps.

What’s suppose to happen is you get only one sound channel from your mono microphone. If you need both channels, Edit > Duplicate and Make Stereo with the drop-down on the left.

What’s happening to you is you have Concert Hall Effects running somewhere in the Windows Control Panels. It’s creating an artificial deep, roomy echo on the “dead” channel.


So that means i am supposed to record in mono and duplicate the channel afterwards, is that correct?

The microphone is not really stereo, but you are asking to record it in stereo. Yes you can set Audacity to record in mono (right-hand edge of Device Toolbar). You can still duplicate your voice track and make a fake stereo effect on it if you want to. If you leave it as mono it will play equally out of left and right.

To record more than 60 seconds in the XP sound recorder, open a file of whatever length you want and record over it (note that this uses computer memory, so could crash if you record for too long - this is the reason for the 60 seconds restriction).

If you can unmute your microphone on the Playback side of Sounds and Audio Devices in the Windows Control Panel, you can record the game and your commentary together using “stereo mix” or “what U hear” (if Audigy supports that). Of course you can’t then edit your commentary without editing the recorded game sound as well, whereas you can if you record them separately.