Problem recording from external audio card

Hello everyone

I’m trying to record a set from an external audio card which is a Gigaport HD+
I have the Gigaport connected to the computer though a usb cable. Also the card is connected with a RCA L/R to a mixer which also has RCA L/R outputs just for recording. I know that people connect to this outputs a zoom h5 to recording so I thought that it would be possible to using my audio card in this way. The problem is that I can select the Gigaport in Playback Device tab but in the Recording Channel not.

What I’m missing on the configuration? Maybe with this setup is not possible to record?

This first place to start is with System Preferences > Sound > Input. See if you can select your USB audio input device there, and if you can get sound into the Mac (input meter moves).


– Bill

After check the guide, it seems that my card has no input channels.

Thanks for the help.