Problem Recording from Cassettes

I bought a cassette tape-to-MP3-file recorder with software CD set from a catalog. After uninstalling the older CD version of Audacity and installing the new online Audacity, I still have a problem recording my first cassette. I have checked and followed all instructions in the FAQ regarding settings in Audacity (.exe installer) and on my computer (Windows 7). After hitting the Play button on the cassette player (attached to the PC via USB) and hitting the Record button on Audacity, I see just a blue line across the page. Apologies for being a newbie to this software. If I could just find out what I’ve done wrong or omitted, I will be forever grateful. After several hours at this, If I can’t resolve it, I’m sending the unit back to the catalog company and putting all the perfectly-good cassettes in the rummage sale. Thanks in advance.

If it is a USB device, restart Audacity.
Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording > Device. Make sure that says your Cassette Player. “USB Audio Device,” maybe? It may not say the name of the maker.