Problem playing tracks in order


This is my first time using Audacity (and I have version 2.0.3). I AM NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, TECHNICAL ~ so please bear this in mind if you reply with a solution! :wink: I can follow step-by-step instructions though…

I’m on Windows XP, and am trying to record a book onto a CD (with the author’s permission) for friends who are unable to read; to make their life easier, I decided to record in chapters. Yesteday I did a test of three chapters.

  1. I ‘saved the project as’ an Audacity file, then
  2. I exported it as a ‘WAV’ file ~ both on my desktop

Using Astroburn Lite, I burned the three chapters onto a DVD-RW (as I don’t have any CD-RWs at the moment). Whilst I can select and play the chapters OK, if I select ‘play all’, they start at Chapter 3!

Today I started all over again, having cleared the DVD first, but get the same result.

Is it because I’m recording onto DVD please? I do have some CD-Rs, but am loathe to burn to them until I can be sure that all will play in the correct order.

Thanks lots in advance…

Almost without question you burned a DATA disk and not a Music or Audio disk. Because of that, the sound segments would have presented in order of filename and not theatrical order – and maybe not even that. You are strongly urged to use CD-R and not any of the other variations. CD-R is a standard, recognizable disk type for Music or Audio CD. The others are hit and miss and may not play at all on older music players.

When you do use a CD-R and a Music CD Authoring Program, it will ask you which order you want the music or simply provide a way to change the music clips around. The order of music is completely up to the human producing the disk and ignores the filenames. You can also “tune” the blank spaces between musical cuts. CD Standard is 2 seconds, but you can make it zero. In the case of a symphony, for example, zero lets you skip forward to any movement in the performance, but if you just let it play, it will have no gaps beginning to end.

If you are missing the CD Authoring Program, you will almost certainly keep getting a Data CD and random order of songs. I believe Vista and Win7 both have the ability to burn a Audio CD inside Windows Media, or there are other stand-alone programs for Windows.


I think I see one problem. Astroburn does not claim to burn Audio CDs. You’ll need one of the Windows people for software variations. Sorry. Koz

We wrote about this.

I swear there’s another software package we use – or you use. I’m on a Mac.


Many thanks for the replies, Koz ~ far too technical for me, but I understand that I definitely need to use the CD-Rs to have a chance of things playing in the correct order.

However, in order of filename was Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 ~ so no reason for it to have gone straight to Chapter 3 that I can work out…

I will look at a software program tomorrow that will allow me to burn a CD, and will post the outcome here.

Many thanks again,

program tomorrow that will allow me to burn a CD

You need to get the English words right. Just burning a CD will give you more of what you have. You need a program that will create an Audio CD. Koz

Sorry not to have replied before, Koz, but I’ve only just realised you added something to the last query.

I did tell you that I wasn’t technical! :wink: I’ve given up on the idea of trying to do it the inexpensive way, and am awaiting delivery of a piece of kit that should sort me out.

Kind regards,