Problem Playing/Recording Onto Music File

I have used Audacity for some time now and have never had a problem uploading an instrumental on an mp3 file and recording a vocal track onto it.

Just today I tried to record a vocal onto the instrumental track but , although the vocal registered on the display when recording, when I came to play it back , there is a click and no vocal or instrumental plays - although the display shows that a recording has been made.

Also, if I play the instrumental on its own, there is also a click at the start and no track plays - once again, the display shows that a track should be playing.

Cam anyone help.

Look at the Audacity Device Toolbar and make sure Audacity is trying to send the playback music to the right place. It’s not unusual for Windows to scramble this if you plug in a USB audio device, particularly if it thinks your device is good for playback and record. It could be trying to send the playback to your microphone.

If you’re a recent convert to Windows 10, it could be more serious. Win10 has different specifications for audio devices than earlier Windows. It may not like your older soundcard any more. Make sure your soundcard and other devices are certified for Windows 10 and have the correct drivers and support software.

It should say Windows 10 specifically. Just “OK for Windows” doesn’t do it.