Problem pasting audio

I should probably preface this by saying that I’ve been using an older version of audacity for some years now (I believe it was the 1.3 Beta. I’m positive it had Beta in the name and a 3, so that seems the likely candidate given I’ve used it since 2012). I assumed it would tell me when Audacity updated; apparently I was wrong. A recent hard drive crash forced me to move to a new PC, and so I updated to the newest version. But there seem to be a few minor differences that are causing me some frustration.

I’m having some issues with pasting audio, which these images will probably describe better than I can.
I’m attempting to paste some stereo audio at the end of the empty/silent track, that I generated via generate>silence and then made stereo
Unfortunately this is what I get, when I actually wanted:

There must be some way to get this result that I’m simply not privy to, so could someone please enlighten me?

Those little clocks mean you have Sync Lock selected by accident. Audacity is trying to keep the two tracks locked to each other. I’m looking up how to set that.


Tracks > Sync Lock Tracks, or click on the clock in Edit Toolbar.


Danke that did the trick. I think I actually did click the clock but it didn’t look like anything happened. I must’ve clicked it again afterwards to keep the effect on.

If you are now using Audacity 2.1.2 supplied by us at Audacity ® | Download for Windows, you can click Help > Check for Updates… top right of 2.1.2 to manually check.