Problem opening project file.

I have two *.aup files and this problem happens with both. I’ll describe the details of one. I’ve been using one of the files successfully for several weeks (the one referenced below). I created the other one today by copying and renaming in Windows. I used it successfully as well. Now this problem is happening and I can’t use either one.

In Windows File Explorer, the file is called “Bach 1079 – Largo – Violin.aup.

I get the same problem whether I double click on the .AUP file or choose it from Recent Files. First I get this error:
Couldn’t find the project data folder: “Bach Sonata 10079 – Largo – violin_data” NOTE the addition of “_data” at the end of the file name. After I click OK I get this error:
Could not load file: “C:LAS\Bach Sonata 1079 – Largo – violin.aup” The “_data” is not there.

Can I fix this or do I just need to re-create my projects from scratch?


When you save a project you get an “.aup” file and a “_data” folder. In example, if your project is called “My music”, you will get:

My music.aup (file)
My music_data (folder)

Both should stay always together in the same containing folder, and should never be renamed.
If you accomplish that you wont have problems.

As above, that’s a project.

The AUP file isn’t music. It’s a list of instructions how Audacity should put your show together from all that stuff in the _DATA folder.

They have to be in the same location or folder. They won’t go looking for each other.

They have to be separate, they have to be named the same and it has to be the name you gave them inside Audacity.

Search your machine for the _DATA folder. If there isn’t one, that’s the end of the show.