problem on a Mac platform

Hi there…

I’m trying to install Audacity software for a StarLogic turntable purchased from FirstStreet, into a MAC. I have no sense of whether it is Stable or Unstable, as those terms were not in evidence anywhere. What WAS in evidence is the System Requirements that stated MAC running on OS9 or higher. Mine is OS 10.3.9.

However, the CD sent to me for this installation presents only three items, identified as follows: audacity.exe, AUTORUN.INF, and Iame_enc.dII. None of these can be opened on an OS system.

But there is no further information, either on the CD or in the manual that came with the outfit, as to how I can get the MAC software.

Can anyone help???

First, you’ll not be compiling anything. That’s for the heavy computer programmers. Can you speak C++? Then this isn’t for you.

You can get the pre-built Mac versions from here.

Decompress (click once), Create a fresh Audacity folder in /Applications and drag all the decompressed files over to it. Click on to run the program.

We’ll take the turntable when you get that far.