Problem launching Mac version 3.4.2 after upgrading from 3.0.2

In case someone else has this issue: Mac OS version 10.14.6, running on a mid 2010 Mac Pro tower. Had been running version 3.0.2 of Audacity for a few years. Decided to upgrade to the latest. Version 3.4.2. This download is a Universal Installer. After copying over the app, when launching, it gets stuck about halfway through the app verification. What fixed it was to nab version 3.4.1 (a x86_64.dmg installer), which then, after install, had the app launch successfully. I then installed the 3.4.2 again and it launched fine.

aye, the universal binary doesn’t seem to work for old macOS versions for some reason. I’ve added a note on the download page as well.

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