problem in recording with minus one

Hello, good evening this is kharrie i’m about to use this audacity because my friend told me that this is so awesome to use in recording. but i have a problem in recording with minus one… it is not though i move it back in the starting line but it is not working…

It was alreadyyy connected on the usb for the microphone… but it is not still working

pls help ty!:pleading_face::heart:

Which version of Audacity? (Look in “Help menu > About Audacity”).
What is the “minus one” that you refer to?

In what way is it “not working”?

the minus one is from youtube like karaoke… share-copy-youtube converter - download-file after that… if im importing. with karaoke on my audacity track one. isn’t working likee… isn’t recordingg but it is recording if one mono track only. the rrcording on the left below the audacity always paused and if you start the recording. on that trackk. with minus one… it starting on the last track … lastly, the line if im moving it back into the starting line… and click again the record botton… the record will start at the back of thre track… And thenn if im starting recording my own voice without karaoke chooppyy chooppyyy

it is just recording when im speaking then stop again…

I suspect you may find some answers here:

Tutorial - Recording audio playing on the computer


Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing

I hope this helps. :smiley: