Problem in my home studio. [SOLVED]

I’ve been an avid user of Audicity in my home studio for several months, never had an issue with it once- in fact I used it every day with no issue, even went as far as to buy a Rode NT1 and interface just for it. The Mic has worked just fine on it, until recently.

I can record normally, with no background instrumental added (just one track, off my nt1) and I have no issue with it at all.
The issue comes when I bring up an instrumental, and as soon as I press record I get this error-
“Error when opening sound device, please check recording device settings and project sample rate”
I know this isn’t a corrupted beat or anything, due to the fact I’ve used it an recorded with it several times- this just started happening randomly and I can’t understand.

Program has been working just fine for months.
Microphone is picked up and active, and records just fine through the program.
When I add an instrumental to the mix, I get the error listed above.
The instrumental has been used and recorded on with no change in my rig (mic, interface laptop), it has just suddenly stopped being able to record over top any beats.

Rode NT1 and interface just for it.

Which interface?

as soon as I press record I get this error-

You can get that error two ways. The obvious way is Audacity can’t figure out how to work the microphone. As you say, that’s not likely, but the other way is Audacity can’t figure how to play the backing track.

When you press Record in Overdubbing, Audacity has to record from the microphone perfectly correctly and also play the backing track perfectly correctly. Depending on your USB interface, Audacity could be trying to send the headphone signal back to the microphone. Windows occasionally does strange things like that.

Make sure both sides of the Device Toolbar are correct, not just the microphone side.

It’s worth noting that Audacity checks for connections and changes when it starts. So settle the hardware first and then start or restart Audacity.

You can also Transport > Rescan…


I’ve tested this a few ways, now the microphone is coming through- but only with the overdub deselected. I’ve also tried selecting different settings, but I guess
it’s narrowed down to an overdub issue, now I can record but I can’t get the live play back of the instrumental while I’m recorded- through laptop speakers or through headphones.
I have a Focusrite Interface of the iTrack solo- the same one I’ve been using for months.

Are you monitoring in the iTrack, with “DIrect Monitor” on? That is zero latency monitoring, much preferable to monitoring in laptop speakers.

Do you have the latest drivers from


I’ve just installed the latest drivers, and it is set to direct monitor on my interface. I’m still getting the same result, I must have misspoke though- I’m still trying to strictly trying to play it through my headphones, but I stated it wouldn’t play through the laptop speakers either(stating I had tried different ways to see if overdub would work at all). The only way I can record at all is turning overdub off, which is pretty much useless to me due to the fact I have to hear the instrumental to sing to it. The same Error still shows up, this is kind of crucial for me because I’m a transplant recipient and suffer from PTSD, and music is literally my only therapeutic outlet- I’m tempted to buy a whole new computer just to record, but I feel it’s a waste of money if it is possible to fix this at all.
I really do appreciate the insight, I hope we reach a conclusion.

Exactly where did you have the headphones connected when it worked without error?

Exactly what are your choices now from left to right in Audacity’s Device Toolbar? Tell us details for all four boxes.


The headphones are connected into my focusrite interface, the input is located just under the switch that allows you to decide if the direct monitor is on or off.
Section 1 : MME/WindowsDirectSound/Windows WASAPI/
Section 2 : Microsoft Sounds Mapper- Input/ Line in (2-(Itrack solo)/Microphone 2 (Hi Definition)
Section 3 : 1 (Stereo) recording / 2 (mono) recording
Section 4: Microsoft Sound Mapper/ Line out (2-Itrack solo)/ Speakers (2 High Definition Audio)

The settings that worked were
2-(itrack solo)
1 (stero) recording
Line out (2-itracksolo)

I haven’t changed anything at all setting wise, or hardware wise since it had been working; I just tried to record one day and it didn’t work, any of these options that say iTrack is apart of my interface.

I suggest you select the Audacity settings that worked before.

2-(iTrack solo)
2 (stereo) recording
Line out (2-iTrack solo)

It could be a sample rate issue.

Exit Audacity.

Right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. Right-click over the iTrack then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Advanced” tab. Set Default Format to 2 channel 16-bit 44100 Hz. Ensure that both Exclusive Mode checkboxes have no ticks (no checkmarks). OK.

Then click the “Playback” tab. Right-click over the iTrack Line out then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Advanced” tab. Set Default Format to 2 channel 16-bit 44100 Hz. Ensure that both Exclusive Mode checkboxes have no ticks (no checkmarks). OK.

Restart Audacity. Set Project Rate bottom left of Audacity to 44100 Hz.


Gale, you fixed my issue man- I can’t tell you how thankful I am to say this-