Problem importing .WAV file

I made a drum track using TabTrax and exported it as a .wav file. I tried importing it as a raw file in auduacity and when I press play it plays a secong long high pitched bleep.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening please?
Help much apprecciated!

It probably wasn’t a standard Microsoft Windows WAV file. That’s what Audacity does when it doesn’t understand what to do.

48000-16 bit or 44100-16 bit stereo Windows WAV files will slide right into Audacity. Most MP3 files will work, too, so that’s another way out. The desperation method would be to make a music CD of the track and then rip that. If you can’t make the music CD, then you know how badly damaged the track file is.


I played the drum track through TabTrax and just selected “What U Hear” and started it Recording so I was then able to export an MP3 of it. Thanks for your help!