Problem importing VOB

Trying to import audio from VOB file. I select Import - Audio and look in the folder containing the files from the DVD. All expected files are shown with the “All Files” filter. If I select “All Supported Files” then none are shown.

If I select and try to import a .VOB file I get a message: Audacity did not recognize the type of the file…

Going to Edit - Preferences - Libraries shows FFmpeg Library Version F(52.64.2),C(52.72.2),U(5015.1)

Audacity 2.0.5 running on Windows Vista

Please Help!

Are the VOB files DRM protected?

If the DVD is protected you will need to demux the audio to its native format (probably AC3) using DVD Decrypter or similar (at your own legal risk, of course). You can then import the AC3 file into Audacity.

Alternatively if you just want snippets of audio you could play the DVD on your computer and record the audio into Audacity. See .


I don’t think they are DRM protected, though I don’t really know what that is, nor how to tell.

The DVD is from a camcorder video. It’s of a community band concert and I’d rather not play and re-record.

I’ve researched online how to tell if the file is DRM protected and it appears that it is not.

Audacity is determining that it is not a supported file without even accessing the file. Apparently deciding this by the file extension alone. Never gets to the point of trying to decode the file.

If I put a wma file in the VIDEO_TS folder or change a vob extension to wma and go to Import Audio and show All Supported files the wma file shows as supported, but the vob’s do not.

Hope this additional info helps diagnosis my problem.


There is still every reason to demux the audio from the DVD using DVD Decrypter or similar (which will work even if the DVD isn’t encrypted). That way, you don’t have to stitch the audio from each VOB together.

It would probably be reasonable to fix that, but it has no bearing on why the file does not import.

If it was a valid importable file, Audacity would import it when it appeared using the “All files” filter, and would import it choosing any filter if you started to type its file name then selected it in the drop-down list that appears (the file would be passed off to the next importer in the list after each one failed, until it got to the intended FFmpeg importer).

You could open Help > Show Log… after failing to import the file to see if there is any information about the error.


That’s Video Transport Stream (TS) and Video OBject (VOB) in English. You’re getting all those metaphorical blank looks from us because FFMpeg totally supports decoding Video OBjects. We have no idea why it’s not working for you.

I know about one really unusual problem. Was the DVD recorded in a different region than the one you’re trying to play it in? Europe/America, Asia/Europe? Recorders for personal use try to record “All Region,” but that doesn’t mean it succeeded. There is no “No Region Protection.”

Open a really simple audio or generate a simple sound sample. Three seconds of noise. Anything. Try to Export it as an AC3 file. That will not work if your FFMpeg is damaged.


If you are currently trying to import directly from the DVD, try first copying the VOB files to your hard drive and then try to import from there. File access from optical drives is far less robust than from a hard drive and I’ve seen all sorts of mysterious problems when trying to read files (rather than “play a disk”) from optical drives.

The other issue is that VOB is a container format. There are a variety of codecs that may be used for encoding the contents of a VOB file. FFMpeg supports most of the common formats used in VOB files, but perhaps not all. Video cameras frequently use unusual codecs.

Video cameras frequently use unusual codecs.

Isn’t the sales pitch for those things that they will play on a standard DVD player?