Problem Importing from iTunes

Hello All,

I am a long time Audacity user and I’ve rarely had a problem importing from iTunes, but I can’t figure this one out!

I have the LAME library installed and Audacity recognizes it. Same with the FFmpeg library.

When I drag and drop the song I want from iTunes to Audacity, I end up with something that looks like a wave form, but just sounds like a quick “chirp.” What is the issue here?

I have version 2.1.0.

Thank you!

If Audacity can’t figure out how to play a song, it will play it with no de-compression. If you divide the chirp duration into the expected duration of the song, that’s the percent compression.

You can get iTunes to create a WAV or MP3 version of the song and transfer that. That may not work if you paid 99c for the song and it’s copy protected.