problem getting ozone7 recognized

i installed izotope ozone 7 as an effect in audacity2 a few years ago and it has been working great
recently i had to reinstall my system so i downloaded audacity again and wanted to put ozone7 on as an effect
the problem is manage plugins see ozone7 as new, i select and enable it then click ok and close
when i reopen audacity ozone7 is still listed as new and not in the effects list
its been a few years so i’m thinking maybe i’m missing something…
any help is appreciated

If you’re using the new 64-bit version of Audacity you’ll need a 64-bit plug-in. And… It still may not work because Ozone doesn’t officially support Audacity. But doesn’t Ozone also run stand-alone?

thanks for the info… but i reinstalled and that seemed to fix the recognition problem