Problem Freezing at the same point

Audacity 3.3.1 / Windows 10 Version 22H2

I had a problem recently with the latest version of Audacity.

On Playback it kept freezing at the same point.

At first I thought that it was maybe a bad part of my SSD.

In explanation:

The way I record using TC Helicon Perform V into a Focusrite 2I2

It to do 3 takes of each verse with the TC-Helicon set to Reverb.

Then I do another 3 takes TC-Helicon set to Reverb & Double.

What I then do is to get the best matching clips between Reverb & Reverb Double for each line of the verse and copy them onto separate tracks for Verse Reverb & VerseReverb Doubled.

This results in many “clips” being created.

When trying to work out what was going on, I did Alt/Ctrl/Delete

to bring up the Task Manager.

Audacity although frozen showed Power Usage as Very High and I then

highlighted Audacity and clicked on End task.

I tried re-installing an older version of Audacity, but it still froze at the same point.

I was able to export a Wav file for each of the tracks and imported them into a new project. This new project still froze at the same point.

I’d also scanned the disk for errors, but it was O.K

I went back to the latest version of Audacity.

Eventually, I fixed the problem by highlighting the track and going into: Edit ; Audio Clips ; Join. So the many clip names became 1 clip name and everything now works properly.

I assume that there is a limit on the amount of clips / clip names that you can have which caused this problem.

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