Problem exporting music

I have a problem with the audacity, i record conferences and edit it with audacity,but when am gonna export the voice with a background music, it´s sounds great with my highspeaker, the problem is when i pass it to a phone (any phone),the background sounds very high and the voice is veeeeery low, it´s sounds like when we have a cable conect it incorrectly or like as we had a vocal remover or something, but in a highspeaker or a tablet sounds great, i dont understand, i appreciate your help, thanks.

i don’t know if it have something to do with a stereo thing, looks like…

am sorry if my english is too bad. am from Venezuela, regards.
César Marín

Please post a short sample in WAV format (we only need a few seconds of it).
See here for how to post an audio sample:

thanks, there is the link of the short sample.

I don’t know how you have done it, but the problem is that the voice in the right channel is out of phase with the voice in the left channel.
When waveforms are “out of phase”, it means that one is “upside down” (inverted) compared to the other.

I presume this was unintentional, so perhaps you want to tell us how you made the recording so we can say where it went wrong.

¿how can i fix that, how can i invert the waveforms?
u asked me how i do it. I just take the record of the voice (the person who talk uses a wireless microphone, the receiver of the microphone have 2 outs, i uses 1 to console mixer and the otherone to the pc, i uses windows media recorder) finished the conference,i convert the wma file to wav or mp3 open the audacity, import the voice, i cut the fragments that i need, import the background music that i want, and export it, and thats it.

¿mayby the cable that i uses from receiver to pc?

It could be a cable problem.

Do you still have that recording?

There is the recording, it was recorded in jan27

This other one its from january 8 and its sound good, isnt have that problem, but i was seeing the spretrum of the wave in one of the 2 chanels i see something strange, am gonna let u the image how u may see, this was before.

and this other one record is from last sunday feb19 , its looks like have the same problem than the second record (january27).

long time ago i saw a video when somebody was explaining how to remove the voice of a song with the audacity, and he inverts the channels, and the sound of the voice become very low, as my problem, the question is, if i invert the channels the problem will solve? i mean i dont wanna loose the things that i already recorded.
the other cuestion is: how can i solve the problem permanently? its just a cable problem?

If you zoom in close on the first track (20170127) you will see that the lower (right) channel is upside down from the upper (left) channel:
In the next track (20170108) the voice is only present in the upper (left) channel and the lower (right) channel contains music only:
The third track (20170219) is like the first, the channels are “out of phase”:
In all cases, the voice is a mono recording, so you only need to use one channel. In the case of the second track, the channel to use is the upper (left) channel because the voice is not present in the right channel.

To use only the left channel, split the stereo track to mono. See: “Split Stereo to Mono” on this page:
Then delete the lower mono track by clicking the [X] in the top left corner of the track.

Great!, thanks, thanks a lot. i really appreciate your help. Its was really important your help to me. God bless u.