Problem exporting labeled songs

I have audacity ver 2.02 and run Vista.
After recording one side of a 12" vinyl, I labeled the songs, 5 of them, as per the step 2 in the “Splitting a recording into separate tracks”, in the Audacity manual. I then exported the recording as per the manual etc. My MP3 file is still only one large track, and does not show split files or tracks representing the individual songs. It all plays OK, but just as one long track. What am I not doing correctly?
Thanks, Greg 363

You need to use “Export Multiple”.
See here for details:

If you still have problems, please give a step-by-step account of what you are doing and we may be able to spot where you are going wrong. Good luck.

Bingo and thank you. I’ll be more patient in future and read the whole of the tutorial!