Problem Exporting edited project files to Mp3

Dear Sir.
I am having problems in exporting my audacity Files. I have a music backing track I dreamed there was no War that I have added separate audio files
to the start and end of the track.

After editing etc. everything plays perfectly in Audacity, but on exporting to MP3 only the original backing track will playback in Windows Media Player,
the added tracks are not on the exported MP3 file?

Steps: File – Export – The Export File Box displays – File name: I Dreamed there was no War.
Save as Type: Mp3 Files

Warning box appears: You are about to save an MP3 file with the name I Dreamed there was no war.
Normally these files end in .Mp3 and some programs will not open files with non standard extensions.
Are you sure you want to file under this name? Yes.

An Edit Metadata box displays: Track Title - I dreamed there was no war.
Major Brand - mp42
Software - Lavf52.111.0
Minor version - 0
Compatible brands - isomavc1mp42
Encoding time - 2008 - 04 - 12 22:21:00

Click OK. Warning Box displays - Your tracks will be mixed down to 2 stereo channels in the exported file.

OK. Box showing exporting entire file in process at 128Kbps.

When I open file in media player the play back is as described above.

One thing I have noted and may be relevant is that on a video I viewed when the Export button was pressed there were options in the drop down menu for
save as a wav file save as Mp3. These options do not appear on my drop down menu?

The above process was carried out using Audacity 1.3 Beta and Lame 3.98.

I then downloaded Audacity 2.0 and Lame 3.99.3 with exactly the same results.

Pc: Windows7 Professional. Service pack 1. 2.33Ghz. Ram 2.00Gbytes. 32 bit. Thanks. Royc.

You must have included a “dot” (full stop) in the file name. Don’t do that - dots are special characters - Windows uses the dot to separate the “file extension” from the rest of the file name. If you put a dot at the end of the file name then Audacity assumes that you want the full file name to end in a dot (which is a valid file name on other operating systems).