Problem Deleting Labels

Audacity 2.3.0
Windows 10

I am seeing this intermittant behavior:

  • I have multiple labels defined
  • I choose Edit > Labels > Edit Labels…
  • I select the label I want to delete (by clicking on the label number) and click the Delete button
  • Often, a different label than the one I selected is deleted
  • I get expected results more often if I click on multiple different fields of the label before I try to delete

Is this a bug, or am I just not selecting labels correctly?


I’m thinking this is buggy …

a) It appears to operate not on what is selected in the left-most column (and indicated blue) - but on what is selcted, and outlined, in any of the futher right fields.

b) It appears to only delete one ate a time even if you have more than one label sekected in the right-most columns.

c) on this page:
it says
"Labels Editor lets you add or remove Label Tracks and edit their labels entirely using the keyboard, so is particularly useful for visually impaired users. "
and …
“Use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate easily left, right, up or down between the table cells and rows.”

But navigating thus using the arrow keys will only navigate in the white part of the table, with no access to the first, blue, column which just dynamically is a (temporary) label enumerator. So I Don’t really see the point of that first column as it only causes selection confusion.

Great catch pstromwell - and thanks for the report.

I shall be logging this on our Bugzilla bug-tracker


Now logged:

And once again, many thanks for that catch and report pstromwell :sunglasses:


This also led me to revisit the page in the Manual for the Labels Editor - and even I found the “Navigation” section more than a little confusing.
I am the main editor these days - but I did not write this page :wink:

So I did some work on that section to make it more readable - and thus (hopefully) aid comprehension:

This is only for the alpha 2.3.2 (and future releases) as I cannot edit the released 2.3.1 Manual once it is released.

Thanks for the “nudge”