Problem Connecting Microphone for Voice Recording

Am attempting 1st recording with Audacity 2.1.2 with desktop pc running win7 and microphone jack. Want to record voice with microphone. Windows control panel recognizes mic when plugged into port. In Audacity Edit/Preferences/Devices, Recording Device only shows when Interface Host = Windows WASAPI. Otherwise, no recording devices show with MME or Windows DirectSound.

Have reviewed Manual & Help topics, and found no solution for why voice is not being recorded. Recording appears to be happening with meters, but voice not recording. Have tried 2 different mic’s with same result.

Any idea of what could be tried to get this to work?

Recording appears to be happening with meters,

If the Audacity sound meters are moving when you speak, then you are making a recording.

Press record, speak for a while and Stop. Do you have blue waves on the timeline ?

To hear it, you have to set up the playback system, too. This is were we wait for a Windows elf unless you already know how to set it up.


Then try choosing Windows WASAPI host, choose the external mic for recording device to right of the Audio Host, and turn the Mixer Toolbar input slider up (the mic symbol on the left):

However if you get no recording devices with the other hosts, it probably means your audio drivers are incorrect or broken. See Updating Sound Device Drivers.