Problem connecting external mike

I’m having difficulty using an external microphone in Audacity (I’m using version 2.3.3,) When I try to record I get the message “Error opening recording device. Error code-9997 invalid sample rate” I have it set for USB PnP Audio Device.

My computer is a Mac and the OS is Big Sur version 11.2.2. Any suggestions?

What is the make and model of the microphone?

The latest version of Audacity is 3.0.0 available here.

– Bill

The mike comes from Fifene technology. The model number is K668.

Go to Apple (menu) > System Preferences > Sound > Input.

Plug in the microphone. Does it show up in the input list? If so, select it then talk into the microphone. Does the input level meter bounce?

Does the microphone remain connected in the Sound / Input panel? We have had issues with other devices (that show up as “PnP USB Audio Device”) dropping the USB connection after a few seconds.

How you checked out this page:

– Bill