Problem compiling audacity with asio support


I had successfully compiled audacity from source. Compilation process whent without errors. I have only one problem. After i

run audacity.exe it takes 5 minutes before audacity starts up. Can any one give me some tips to fix this problem. My

operating system is win xp sp3. Compiled audacity is currently without asio support. I will compile audacity again with asio

support after this slow start up problem is fixt.

ps. Do not post screen shots for me because i am blind computer user.

Thank you

Kari Uro

Does it take literally 5 minutes to start up, or just “seems like a long time”?
Which source code did you use? Did you check out the latest SVN?
Does Audacity run OK once it has started?
Try disabling VST effect in Preferences and then restart - is that any quicker?


I had compiled audacity again with latest code from svn repository. Before I start the compilation process I copied

FFmpeg_v0.6.2_for_Audacity_on_Windows folder in to c:audacitywin folder. FFmpeg_v0.6.2_for_Audacity_on_Windows folder

contains all ffmpeg library files. After that I copied au_lib folder to c:audacitywin folder. au_lib folder contains

wxWidgets dll files. Then i start the compilation process.

Compilation went fine without errors.

Next I copied contents of au_lib folder and FFmpeg_v0.6.2_for_Audacity_on_Windows folder in to c:audacitywinunicode

release folder. When I launcht audacity.exe audacity starts very fast without problems. Next I will try compile audacity with

asio support.

Thank you for your help
Kari Uro


After I had compiled audacity with asio support slow startup problem came back. Compilation process went without errors. It

really takes 5 minutes before audacity starts up. I know this because I had checked time with stopwatch. I had also turned

all effects off from audacity preferences menu but it did not make any changes to start up speed. I had also downloaded and

installed 2.04 release from audacity web site and it starts without 5 minutes delay. Can any one give me some compile tips. I

had allready red the compile.txt file in win folder, butI can not find help there. Maybe there is some library conflict in my


thank you very much for your help

Kari Uro

The compilation instructions don’t mention anything about “au_lib”.

Did you compile Unicode Release or Unicode Debug?

Does Device Toolbar list an ASIO host?

Please attach the contents of Help > Show Log… . When the log is open, ALT, L , S. Please read here for how to attach files: .


unicode release

Device Toolbar lists an ASIO host.

Log attached.
log.txt (1.82 KB)

Thanks for the log. It shows LAME and FFmpeg were loaded in about 40 seconds.

Are you determining that Audacity has loaded when your screen reader says “Audacity”?

Are you importing a long WAV file when you start Audacity?

Have you tried either installing FFmpeg normally as per , or building the Audacity installer (winaudacity.iss) then installing Audacity in Program Files?



I had found the reason why audacity is starting very slow. The problem maker is avast antivirus. If I disable all shields in

avast and run audacity.exe audacity starts very fast. If I enable all shields and start audacity again it takes 5 minutes

before audacity startsup.

Kari Uro

Thanks. Can you identify which specific shield is the problem?


The problem maker is file system shield.