Problem changing pitch

i want to change the pitch of song from 440 to 432… when i go to effects/change pitch it wont allow me to type into the frequency box from provided. I have searched forum but this is not covered… does anyone have any idea why this could be the case? if i have explained correctly or in any way unsure what im on about watch from 7.25min on this video

many thanks

You can try a half step value of

thanks for reply… would rather find out why its not working but if they are both the same then i guess its ok. will give it a shot :O)

It gets a brief mention in the manual:
If changing by pitch, modify the “To:” and optionally the “From:”. If modifying by frequency, modify only the “to”.
(emphasis mine).

In the current version of “Change Pitch”, the “From: Frequency” is not intended to be editable, even though it looks like it should be.
I’m somewhat surprised that the video shows it to be editable, but I notice that he is using an old version of Audacity, The fact that it worked in an older version strengthens the case for why it should work now.

I am currently working on a new version of “Change Pitch” in which the “From: frequency” can be edited. I am not an official Audacity developer so there is no guarantee that my proposal will be accepted, but if you would like to see this change in a future version of Audacity I suggest that you request it in the “Adding Features” section of the forum. (the developers are more likely to accept a new feature if users say that they want it).