Problem burning CDs

I burned a load of CDs from Audacity files that all played fine in my CD player

I then had to buy more blank CD-Rs and the ones burned on them don’t play on either my main player or on my clock/radio/CD alarm

Put in my computer drive it shows as a .wav file and plays using Media player

is it as simple as hp discs not being compatible when the Memorex ones were?? and if so why??

You need to configure your CD burning application to make an “audio CD” instead of burning the WAV files onto the disc.

Audio CDs don’t actually have “computer files” and that’s why you need ripping software to copy them. The audio data is identical to a 16-bit, 44.1kHz, stereo WAV file but it’s not in a “WAV package”

With an audio CD, Windows will normally show:


But those file don’t actually exist on the disc. It’s just a representation or abstraction.

Thanks. I had just assumed Windows Media Player was defaulting to audio Cd rather than data disk because all the previous ones had been, but I now see it thinks I want a data disk. Now changed it :slight_smile: