Problem: Audacity keeps recording at the end of track when i press record

Hi i am wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem… When i put a beat in to voice record over and press record it only records at the end of the track, giving me no instrumental to work with. Even when i click at the start of the track with the little I icon it still records at the end of track. Help appreciated, Thanks, Jeremy.

To record to a new track, hold down the Shift key while you click the record button (or “Shift + R”).

No, that doesn’t work. CTRL R starts an AUDIO track. We want a STEREO track. Selecting “ADD NEW STEREO TRACK” from the menu start the recording from the end of the other track. Why?

Have you specified STEREO in your Device Selection Bar ?

OK. Now I mixed the audio I’m recording with to Mono. The new track is mono. It’s still starting at the end of the track.

What is going on?

NOT “Ctrl + R”.
To start recording to a new track, press “SHIFT + R” (or “SHIFT + Record button”)

The new track will be mono if you select “1 (mono) recording channel” in the Device Toolbar.
The new track will be stereo if you select “2 (stereo) recording channels” in the Device Toolbar.

This works.

OPTIONS - TICK “Record on a new track”

Check your Recording preferences. In the new release, a couple of default preferences have been changed that I wasn’t even aware WERE preferences.