Problem after upgrading to Audacity 2.0.3

Until 27/08/13 I have been using Audacity 1.2.0., but it crashed and I found it impossible to retrieve 5+ hours of streaming audio recording.Therefore,I upgraded
to 2.0.3. The result was that I was getting disjointed audio for over 15 seconds every couple of minutes.Therefore, I have System Restored to once again make
use of Audacity 1.2.0. Can anyone suggest a solution so that I can once again use 2.3.0

You may have maneuvered your way into a corner. The computer may not be powerful or fast enough to run 2.0.3 and 1.2 was abandoned a long time ago for stability problems.

None of the Audacity versions are recommended for surveillance, or serious multi-hour recordings.

You may be able to help with the stuttering problems by stepping through all the computer speed solutions. Close everything even the programs running in the background. Do a health check and defragment your hard drive. If you’ve never done that, it may take multiple passes. Audacity will not run at full speed into a fragmented or overly full drive.

I would tell you to disconnect the network and turn off the virus protection, but if you’re recording streaming shows, you can’t do that.


File fragmentation can have a big effect on Windows XP. It is generally less of a problem on later versions of Windows, though if you switch off your computer when not in use and have never manually defragmented then it is likely to be worth doing.

There is also a program called Ccleaner that can safely remove a lot of junk that tends to build up over time. Ccleaner is free, but as with much software these days, there may be other software included in the installer, so during the installation read each screen that comes up so that you only install the program(s) that you want. Running Ccleaner before defragmenting will make the defragmentation quicker and more effective.