I have recorded some tracks, then needed to monitor vocals to be recorded with the recorded tracks so went preferences, recording and ticked software play through. I have a bit too much latency with my pc so decided not to take this route, so went back and un checked the play through box. I went back to the tracks and I have multiple problems, firstly that the zero point is off and secondly if I try to record new tracks I have a mess of distortion and other abnormalities. PLEASE HELP, I’m mid project and don’t want any disastors.

Make regular backups.

  1. Each time you record a new track, Export it as a WAV file by selecting the new track and using “File menu > Export Selected Audio”.
  2. At frequent intervals, make a backup copy of the Audacity project using “File > Save Project As”, and give it a unique and meaningful name.

Yes, “Software Playthrough” should be off (not selected).

Audacity should be set to record from the device that you want to record from. For example, if you are recording from a USB microphone, select the USB microphone as the recording input in the device toolbar. The playback output should be set to the playback device that you are using. “Microsoft Sound Mapper” is not a real audio device - it is a “virtual device” that routes signals from real devices - best not to use it with Audacity, select the actual physical device instead.

If you require more help, please provide more detailed information, specifically:
Which version of Audacity (look in “Help > About Audacity”)
What are you recording from? (make and model of hardware equipment if possible)