"Pro" Sound Under $100?

I have been using audacity on and off since probably 2004, so I am familiar with a lot of the features. But most of my use until this point has just been recording song ideas, so quality was never really a concern. In the past I recorded from the headphone jack on my amp (headphone jack is 1/4, so I used an adapter) into the standard mic port of my computer. Mic was 1/4, so I used an adapter there too, and again plugged directly into the mic port. This setup produces a lot of white noise.

However, these days I’m a solo act, so I need something that’s high enough quality where it can be played over a PA system. Partially so I can sing over it and partially so I can record a full demo. The catch: I am hopefully looking to do this for under $100.

This is my setup current setup:
-Hydrogen for drum beats
-Fruity loops for bass and effects
-My line 6 solid state amp with a 1/4 headphone jack port for guitar
-Crappy behringer mic with 1/4 inch jack adapted to the mic port for vocals (I know I need a new mic regardless)
-Whatever stock crap sound card my gigabyte motherboard came with

What is my most cost effective option? old 4 track recorder to use as a mixer? Pre-amp? New sound card that accepts 1.4?

Without question the two worst parts of your setup are the connection to the computer and probably your room.
The computer connection – assuming a Windows PC – is the Behringer UCA202.


$30 usd

That’s it. Once it’s digital, the computer doesn’t matter. That device also happens to be one of the hardware options we certified for perfect overdubbing/sound on sound.


Line 6 makes a lot of stuff. Give us a link to the one you have. Given that the one you have is reasonable, the rest of the bux should probably to into the microphone.

The room is going to kill you next.

People don’t use studios because they look cool in the photos.


Read through this.


I recorded a passable guitar piece with a cheap $20 USB microphone, but I did it in a dead quiet, echo free room.


Here’s another one.


Thanks for the response. My guitar amp is http://line6.com/legacy/spideriiihd150

I ordered last night with an rca to female 1/4 adapter.

What do you think about recording the bass lines on guitar and adjusting pitch? Tried it last night and it sounded decent.