Pro Audio Editing Software similar to Audacity?

Hi there
I have been working with Audacity for a number of years now but finally it has come time for me to upgrade to a more pro/mid range product. I have started with Cubase AI since it came with my Steinberg audio interface, but it is sooooo much different from Audacity in layout and command structure, I have to relearn EVERYTHING. Does anyone know of a product that is similar to Audacity in command structure, layout etc?
Example: One thing that is daft about Cubase, if you click and drag the end of a clip to the left, it shortens the clip from the beginning, that is so bass ackwards!

There’s no reason not to use Audacity for professional work. It supports audio formats far beyond the highest quality of professional audio hardware (32-bit float, 384 kHz and beyond). Editing is sample accurate, and the resampling library (lib-soxr) is among the best in the world at any price. It’s also quick and easy to use, which are great qualities for commercial productivity.

If you want to move on to another product, think about what features you want and why you want to use a different program.
(I used Audacity professionally for many years, alongside ProTools, Adobe Audition and Cakewlk Sonar. Whenever I needed to do a quick job, or very detailed sample editing, I’d use Audacity - for quick jobs I could often have the job completed faster than the time for ProTools to boot up,)

Interesting. For one thing, I always found that not having a real time eq is a hindrance. I would have to keep using trial and error, toggling between spectrum view and equalizer to adjust the soundscape.

I agree that real-time Eq is a big deal, as is real-time compression.

If you’ve been using Audacity 2.1.3 you will be aware that “real-time preview” is gradually being introduced. We don’t yet have real-time preview for the Eq effect or the compressor, but most supported VST effect have real-time preview.

I was recently introduced to the (free) “TDR NOVA” VST plugin which has real-time equalization & real-time compression …

There is a premium, paid-for, “gentleman’s edition”, but the free-version works well in Audacity 2.1.3: it’s not “crippled”.

Looks beauty! :exclamation:

Thanks Trebor, I just plugged this in, looks awesome, now to read the documentation and get up to speed.

There are more basic models, e.g. …