Private Messages Collapse

I have a bunch of New Private Messages. They didn’t all fit, so the system stacked them in storage. I tried to clear out some space for them, but, no. Apparently, the system will not partially “unlock” saved message. It’s either all or nothing.

Suppose the Saved Messages quantity is larger than the In-Bin will ever be?

Wouldn’t that be awkward?


some bbs systems have a parameter that allows more messages
should be an easy fix to up it
most people do not use PM much if at all
so total storage should be no problem

perhaps there could be some way to erase pms after 90 days
to free up space if it could be an issue

Yep I think that would be awkward.
Same thing just happened to me, so I had to trawl through old messages to see which ones I could delete.

We can choose the maximum number of private messages - no need to be 50, can be unlimited. Though probably good to have a limit so there is some discipline to clean them out. I made the limit 100.