Printing Out 2.0.2 Manual

Is there any way to download the whole manual for one click printing, rather than having to download and print the various parts individually. Thankyou, Karl

Unfortunately, there is no PDF Manual for Audacity 2.0.x, which would be required if you wanted to print such an extensive document in one process.

We do not have the resources to make an official, polished PDF Manual at the moment.

If you want a rough, unofficial PDF for 2.0.2, you can try this: .

After the Manual Front Page and the Quick Help index page, the rest of the pages follow in alphabetical order. Please use at your own risk, without comeback.

If you prefer to purchase hard copy material there are a few books about Audacity here: .

Please note these are not official reference Manuals for Audacity and that the content of these books will mainly refer to late versions of Audacity 1.3 series. Therefore these books will not relate exactly to the current Audacity version.


Thankyou Gale. Karl May

I want to buy the hard copy but I am just wondering, is it still relevant? I am just concerned that with all the updates that audacity has, this book might be outdated?

The general principles of use of Audacity in the book will still be correct.

There will be some features that have been removed and some added after the books were published.

There will be some menu items that have been renamed and some dialogues whose appearance has changed.