print manual

I have 2.3.2 version. I want to print the Manual but all at one time, instead of in sections. Please tell me how I can do this.

I’m pretty sure that just doesn’t happen. Past the enormous amount of work, the best way to format the works is PDF. PDF is an Adobe paid license. Audacity is free.

Are you volunteering to do the conversion work? Audacity is an all-volunteer operation. Do you have a license?

The same thing happened for a long time with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft who was holding the licenses to make new MP3 files. That’s why the Lame software was used instead and had to be installed separately.

Odd things happen when you have open-source software.


There’s another reason, too. The wiki and other information pages are constantly changing and updating. That would be a nightmare with a printed book.


I don’t think that’s the main problem because Adobe granted royalty free rights for all of their patents that are necessary to make, use, sell, and distribute PDF compliant implementations (ISO32000-1PublicPatentLicense.pdf 2008).

The major problem is that the Audacity manual is big (over 500 pages at the last count), and contains a lot of HTML features that are very difficult to automatically convert to PDF (links, hover tips, ordered lists, etc). In addition, the manual is updated for every Audacity release, which can be several times in a year, so that’s a LOT of work.

Also, the manual isn’t ordered into consecutive pages, it’s a web of links. There is no “page 1, page 2, page 3…”

There’s also quite a lot of it which you will probably never read or need, such as sections that are specific to Linux or macOS.