Print Audacity 2.0 Manual

How do I print, (on paper so that I can put it in a binder and sit down and read EVERYTHING that it can do whether some [expletive - removed] thinks that I need to or not),
a copy of the Audacity 2.0 Manual. I suspect that I can’t. Please do not show your ignorance by telling me how to do what I don’t want to do. I want to print 150 (or so) pages . If I can’t, have the courage to tell me so.

There is no PDF or easily printed version because we don’t have the resources to produce it.

If you want to print the current Manual then you have to print it a page at a time using the print function of your web browser (usually in the File menu).

You can also buy books that are not the official Audacity Manual but are explorations of most of Audacity’s features and how to use them based on Audacity a few versions before 2.0.0 (so very similar in functionality to 2.0.0). See .