print Audacity 2.0 manual

I have windows 7 Home Premium . I have been using Audacity 1.3.3 for years with no problems. I have just downloaded Audacity 2.0 from the exe installer and having difficulty getting going. Is it possible to print out the manual in larger print? I have vision problems and having the instructions on paper I could take time to study the instructions more easily. Also does it make a difference if I have a Laptop?

The manual is in html format so it will open in your web browser.
Most web browsers have a “zoom” feature to increase the on screen text size.
The Audacity 2 manual has several hundred pages (in standard size print) so it may be more practical to view it in your web browser.

There is little difference running Audacity on a laptop to a full size PC.

The other difficulty that you would face is that the pages of the Manual contain many useful hyperlinks to other pages and sections of the manual and to the Wiki - all that is lost on paper …


If you open the Manual in your web browser using Help > Manual (in web browser), this should give you options to zoom the document for printing using the File > Page Setup or File > Print Preview dialogues. But as pointed out, you can only print one page at a time.