preview tempo bug in audacity 2.3.1

Hi, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I use audacity a lot for creating and mixing music, and for analyzing spirit communication recordings.

I think i have found a small bug in the software of audacity version 2.3.1, which is installed on my msi laptop running windows 10 64bit.

When i highlight a section of audio and select the effect ‘tempo’, if i click the option to ‘preview’ a tempo change, the audio plays back at normal speed, and the highlighting disappears.

I have captured a short desktop video of this, which shows it better than i can explain, and the link for this is:

It’s only a small issue, but i use it so much that it’s becoming annoying. Has anyone else come across this, and if so is there a fix available?

Thanks for any help you can give.

I cannot reproduce this on W10 with 2.3.1 or the latest alpha test build for the upcoming 2.3.2

  1. The preview plays with the tempo change
  2. on completion of the preview the selection remains intact


Same here.

same here

Thank you for your quick responses. Perhaps I’m the only one who has this glitch, but it has occurred on more than one of my Windows 10 computers.

Did you put a ‘tick’ in the box to select ‘use high quality stretching (slow)’ ?

For me the effect works correctly whether that option is selected or not.

Do you get the same problem with “Change Pitch” and “Sliding Stretch” effects?

Ahhh - so that’s the trick to make it fail - doing that I see the same symptoms (I hadn’t done that previously)
a) preview plays at normal speed
b) selection disappears on completion of the preview (and it’s not just a visual disappareance - the selection is lost)

I get the same with Change Pitch - bit not with Sliding Stretch (there is no ‘tick’ in box to select ‘use high quality stretching)’

I tested this on the alpha testbuild we have for the upcoming 2.3.2 = so I’ll be looging this shortly.

Good catch Vamphyyre - and thanks for the report.


Logged as P2 bug: “high quality stretching in Change Pitch/Tempo causes the Preview to malfunction and remove the selection”



It appears to be platform dependant. I don’t see the problem on Linux.

I tested on Mac with the latest 2.3.2 alpha and I see the same errors there.


Phew! Thanks guys, i was beginning to think I was the only one experiencing problems. Audacity is my go to for all my audio editing. the glitch is slowing me down a little, be nice to see it gone :grin:

I’ll move this topic to the Windows forum as this is not an issue specific to 2.3.2 alpha, and it is platform specific.

It may not make it into the next release 2.3.2 as we have just frozen the code for that.

There is a slim chance that it may still make it as high priority nugs can still be fied in code-freeze - but don’t hold your breath.

Update: there’s now a better chance of this being fixed for 2.3.2 - James (the Release Manager) is looking at it.


Breath-holding not necessary.

This has been fixed for the upcoming 2.3.2 release - I just tested it on the latest alpha build.


We are currently planning to release 2.3.2 next month (provided no major bugs appear). But Release Candidates should be available for testing before that if you want to try it out.

Once again, many thanks Vamphyyre - good catch and thanks for the report :smiley: :sunglasses: