preview duration

The 3 second “preview” limit for reverb/delay etc drives me mad, as it is totally inadequate to get emotionally connected to any effect, especially with compression and suchlike.I also have Cool edit pro, and can highlight a minute or two of the song I am working on, then sit back, and REALLY hear the effect of reverb etc , from intro, to vocal/solo, to harmony harmony coming in, etc. 3 seconds is simply pointless in its brevity, as any way to help to make an informed decision.
I can find no way to lengthen th e time in any settings, but Cooledit have clearly found it possible. So easy. If anyone knows a way to do so in Audacity, or if you feel as frustrated as me, then please get back to me or add your voice to the chorus, and maybe Audacity will respond? cheers

Audacity 1.3.12
“Edit menu > Preferences > Playback”
Set length of preview.

Note that if you set it too long, you may be waiting a while before the preview start playing.