Preventing hearing damage while editing

I have just started using Audacity and I am doing something wrong. I am attempting to make hypnosis files and recording multiple tracks to create a single file. But as I edit and listen I begin to feel dizzy like I am hurting my inner ear. I am afraid I am not doing something incorrectly and have something set way to high. But no idea what. Please help.

If certain sounds are responsible for making you feel dizzy you avoid exposure to them.

Simultaneously presenting different sounds to each ear can change brain activity …

Even trigger epilepsy …

Its possible… But I was not working with beats or tones or anything. I was just recording my own voice. At different points during editing I added words or sentences that over lapped either on the left, right or balanced on both sides. Some tracks had lower volume.

I have listened to files in the past that did this and I had no issue with it then.

Are you suppose to do anything special or adjust anything while you edit? Do you lower the hz maybe? Could it be that i was using earbuds?

Are there any variables i should mindful of or adjusting?

IMO, DIY hypnosis is almost as unwise as DIY brain-surgery

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