Prevent VST scanning on every launch[SOLVED]

Hi. I’ve been up and down the FAQ’s and this forum but have been unable to find an answer. I’m running Audacity 2.0.3 on a XP machine with all the add-ons installed. Each time I start Audacity up it scans all the VST effects taking about 15 sec.
I was hoping to remove most but not all of the effects, so this scan each time it is done takes only a few seconds.
Is this possible?
I have moved the effects I didn’t want to an new folder but this brings up an error when Audacity starts up.
The effects I mostly use are Amplify, Auto Duck, Fade In, Fade Out & Change Tempo.
Thanks for your help.

The effects you mention like Amplify and Change Tempo are not VST plug-ins but built-in effects. You can remove built-in effects by editing language files, but I suspect you don’t want to do that.

The scan for VST effects is probably happening because you don’t have any VST effects. In that case Audacity carries on scanning for them at each launch, due to a bug.

To stop the VST scan, Edit > Preferences: Effects (on the left) and uncheck “VST” under “Enable Effects” then click OK. It shouldn’t matter if “Rescan VST effects” is checked or not in those Preferences, because the scan should not happen if “VST” is unchecked.


Thanks for your quick reply. That’s fixed it.