Press Record it sits at 0.00 won't start?

I searched but could not find anything on this. When this happens there is one back pointing arrow sitting at 0. I usually have to restart computer to get it to work again. How do I fix this without restarting. I sometimes get an error message. I did not right it down but will next time. Sorry. It say’s something about Latency and that start point may be prior to 0?

Don’t worry about that error message - I know which one it is.
A possible reason for this problem is that Audacity may be trying to record, but is not receiving any audio data, so it’s just stuck there waiting. This most often occurs when trying to record sounds that are playing on the computer with incorrect settings.

This is the point where you tell us what you were trying to record, which version of Windows, what sort of sound card you are using, what settings you have, and anything else that might help diagnose the problem.

Recording guitar using a Focusrite 2i2 usb recorder, Running Windows 7 64-bit, Conexant Smart Video Card. In audacity quality settings are 32bit float, 96000hz. Play region is unlock, Overdub on. Sound activativated Record is off. What other audacity settings will help.