Press record and it shuts off the input

I utilize Windows 10 and use the following settings when recording : MME, HEADSET(EAR BUDS) LENOVO P1551BH, STEREO, AND PLAYBACK ON THE SAME LENOVO EAR BUDS.

Could someone please point me in the right direction to resolve. Thanks in advance.

Dan Andrews

What are you trying to record ? If you are trying to record a Zoom meeting, forget it. If you are just trying to record what the computer is playing see here: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual

I have gone through the tutorial and the program works great when playing back a file on my pc. EXCEPT…see attached screenshot that shows settings etc. When I turn on Sirius on the computer I might hear a song I wanted to record. I open up Audacity, check settings, and start playing from the Sirius and then I hit record…it then shuts off the audio of the song and gives a straight line of nothing being recorded. Frustrated a bit and I would appreciate any help you might give.

Thanking you in advance,

Dan Andrews

(I don’t see any attachment…)

Try setting Host to MME. Play Sirius to your computer speakers and set your recording device in Audacity to your speakers (LOOPBACK). Make sure software playthrough is OFF.

It is possible that the bluetooth drivers are giving you a problem.

My bad - that’s what I get for not proofreading my post. That should be WASAPI LOOPBACK.

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